Traceability is a process that enables consumers monitor all activities performed in the production of each lot sold by the Das Almas Estate, promoting safety in all agricultural practices and a respect for the environment. All stages of the coffee production process are controlled and registered, both in the field and during processing and storage, as well as information about the formation of the field, inputs used, activities realized, dates of specific activities, name of the collaborator that executed the activity, phases of post-harvest processing, information on transportation, storage and destination of the coffee.

Quality Control

Among the important factors that influence the quality of the coffees from the Das Almas Estate are: the region’s favorable microclimate, type of harvesting practiced, capacity-building in quality procedures of collaborators in the production process, the responsibility and commitment of these collaborators in the production of quality, a well-prepared and adequately sized structure for protecting coffee beans against adverse weather during the harvest (with covered drying patios) and final processing consisting of a strict monitoring and classification of all lots of coffee produced by Das Almas through a quality control system designed by coffee taster Valdeci Miguel Rodrigues, which includes laboratory analysis, cup tasting and blending.